Non-Bastille Soaps

We handcraft our luxurious non-Bastille soaps without boiling the natural oils, or separating their glycerin, this method is called cold processing.

Our non-Bastille soap (100% coconut oil and salt soap) bars are formulated without olive oil. 

When formulating our soaps, we add a higher than normal percentage of extra fats (oils or butter) that stays suspended in each bar. Creating a luxurious bar of soap with superior moisturizing and emollient qualities, leaving your skin feeling silky, softer and smoother rather than dry and itchy.

Our soaps are a favorite of people who have sensitive skin, elder skin or baby skin. It is gentle and the natural ingredients still address skin problems such as dryness, and chaffing.  Which is critical in those who have eczema and psoriasis. These users eventually discovered that their skin condition improved over time. 

Our soap bars last longer than your traditional cold processed soap bars.