About Luba

Luba Products were established in 2011 by founder Lurrie Bailey. As a natural skin care advocate, her creativity and passion for wellness propelled her to develop skin care products that pride itself on transparency.

We are completely transparent in the disclosure of the ingredients in all of our products. We do not use ingredients that have undergone so much chemical refining and processing that they no longer retain their original color, or scent, and devoid of essential fatty acids, and vitamins, ingredients that are left with toxins and void of its healing and medicinal properties.

We can't totally remove toxins like petrochemicals and other irritants from your day to day activities but we can minimize your exposure by NOT using them in our products.

Luba Products goal is to enhance wellness living, we want our products to coincide with your healthier lifestyle, that's why we are dedicated to producing safe and effective, natural luxury care products. If you want to keep your skin looking its best, and your body in top health you should know what you are applying to your skin.  Because what goes on the skin also can go into the skin…and into the body.