Organic Agave Ferment

Studies have shown that Organic Agave Ferment is capable of immediately reducing sunburn pain, and sub­jects tested reported a continued reduction of pain over the course of several hours compared to benzocaine. Organic Agave Ferment was also reported to reduce erythema after two hours whereas benzocaine had little effect. Clearly this indicates that the product is effective for comforting sunburned skin.
In terms of anti-aging benefits, Organic Agave Ferment can also help maintain healthy skin by increasing collagen I synthesis. Collagen I is a major component of the dermis and provides struc­ture and elasticity to the skin. When compared to the untreated control, Organic Agave Ferment increased collagen I synthesis by 172%, resulting in healthier skin thus creating a stronger bar­rier of protection against UV damage.
Organic Agave Ferment capitalizes on the moisture binding properties of agave nectar to maximize epidermal hydration while stimulating collagen synthesis for optimal anti-aging benefits. Between these benefits and the ability to stabilize cell membranes, we can help to overcome the wide array of environmental factors that are a detriment to the health and beauty of our skin.