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LEMONGRASS + TEA TREE w/Orange Peel Bar Soap - 9.0 oz

$ 10.00

Invigorating & Refreshing

Lemongrass + Tea Tree w/orange peel bar soap will invigorate you with its refreshing scent and help to keep your skin clear. Infused with the healing, anti-fungal properties of Tea Tree oil, and the antiseptic, astringent properties of Lemongrass oil.  Infused with organic orange peel powder ability to detoxify and remove excess oil from your skin.  Combined with skin hydrating Sorbitol (sugar), Aloe Vera Juice and a combination of nourishing oils that's moisturizing and cleansing. Creating a powerful an effective moisturizing cleanser with aromatherapy values. 

Soaps are hand-cut and are perfectly shaped to last longer and to be easily held in hands for used with or without wash cloth. 

For a creamy, bubbly effect, improved skin tone and circulation I recommend lathering with a Salux® Skin Cloth. Soap bar last longer and more sanitary than a washcloth. Plus, no mildew odors.

Skin Type | Oily, Sensitive

Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Aloe Vera Juice, Palm Oil***, Canola Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Lemongrass Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sorbitol (sugar), Orange Peel Powder*, Sodium Citrate, Sunflower Seed Wax, Silk Fibers**, Rosemary Extract.  (*= Certified Organic Ingredients), (**= Certified Sustainable), (***= RSPO Certified Sustainable)

Soap Care:  Do not leave soap standing in water, in a direct stream of water, or in a dish that allow water to pool in the bottom, the lifespan of the bar will be shortened.

Precautions: As with any soap, keep it out of your eyes (rinse thoroughly with plain water if this occurs), and discontinue using if irritation develops. Be sure to check the ingredients if you have allergies. Be aware that some soaps have ingredients that may irritate certain types of skin.

LEMONGRASS + TEA TREE w/Orange Peel Bar Soap - 9.0 oz

$ 10.00