Cocoa Butter Cashmere Moisturizing Bar Soap

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Our Cocoa Butter Cashmere Moisturizing Bar Soap features a warm, inviting scent of woody notes, subtle spices, and cedarwood complemented with undertones of vanilla, coconut, and jasmine petals. Formulated with an intensive combination of oils, butters and other beneficial skin-loving ingredients, this luxurious bar soap will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and hydrated without any tightness or dryness. Experience the ultimate in indulgence with this best-selling moisturizing bar soap.

 10 oz | 284 g bar of moisturizing soap 


- Bigger than your traditional handcrafted soap
- Soft, velvety lather for a luxurious cleanse
- Gently cleanse, without stripping the skin’s natural oils
- Designed to strengthen the skin's outer layer and boost the skin's capability of revitalizing itself.
- helps relieve the symptoms of dry, itchy, and dehydrated skin.
- Scented with Paraben, Phthalate, and Sulfate-Free fragrance oil


For optimal cleansing, lather the bar with water to cleanse the face, hands, and body.

For improved skin tone and circulation, use a Salux® Skin Cloth to yield a creamy, bubbly effect while also providing a longer-lasting bar, more sanitary solution with no mildew odors.


saponified coconut*, sustainable palm, olive, castor oil; shea butter*, cocoa butter*, fragrance oil, sorbitol (sugar), vegetable glycerin, sunflower lecithin (non- GMO) *, cationic guar, sodium citrate, rosemary extract


The regular shape of this soap bar ensures a prolonged product life. This bar can be used independently or with a washcloth. As the soap is crafted by hand, variations in size, color, and weight are possible.

To ensure the optimal longevity of your bar, avoid leaving it in standing water, near a water source, or in a dish which allows water to accumulate.

This soap should be used with caution and contact with eyes should be avoided. Discontinue usage if skin irritation develops. Individuals with allergies should thoroughly review the ingredient list, as some components may cause a negative reaction in areas of skin.

Cocoa Butter Cashmere Moisturizing Bar Soap

Customer Reviews

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Tracy L.
Coca cashmere soap and get the lotion!

I have dry skin and this is the best lotion and soap I have ever used. Products that do what they say and they smell amazing!! You don’t
want to sleep on these products!!!

Aleyshia G.
I love Cocoa Cashmere! I

I love Cocoa Cashmere! I literally live and die by it! I want it in bulk!

Alyse L.
hydrating body & face oil

Recently tried the hydrating body & face oil, which has now become my favorite. Super light weight, and doesn't feel oily. Can't go wrong with Luba!

Elizabeth C.
My new favorite

Smells amazing. After my shower my skin felt so soft. Waited 10mins before applying a moisturizer and body still soft soft. Love it!!!

Arielle W.
Favvvvvoooorrriiiiteeee !

By far Cocoa Cashmere soap is my absolute favorite ! Using this soap along with the body oil helped to clear up my dark spots that came with being pregnant with my babygirl. I continue to use this combination and my glow had returned even better than before !