Bar Soaps

Collection: Bar Soaps

Our soap is formulated with a combination of active ingredients, and premium oils and butters to hydrate and balance skin. This mixture creates a rich, creamy lather that envelops skin in a smooth, velvety feeling, preventing dryness and tightness. Regular use of our soaps in conjunction with moisturizing helps to trigger the skin's ability to restore and renew itself, helping to reduce the discomfort of dry or itchy skin.


Why is my soap shaped in a semicircle?

This soap bar shape is designed for maximum usage and drying airflow, so each bar lasts longer without thinning out or breaking in the middle! Weighing in at 10-10.5 oz, these bars are perfect!

What causes my soap to feel mushy?

Our artisanal soaps contain a high level of glycerin, which naturally attracts essential moisture to the skin, promoting a healthy and radiant appearance. Please note that glycerin is water-attracting, so it is important to avoid leaving the soap in standing water, under a direct stream of water, or on a dish that collects water.  The lifespan of the bar will be shortened.

Can I cut my bar soap in half?

If you are contemplating whether to cut the soap in half, it is essential to be aware that this action could potentially lead to a reduced lifespan for the soap. Nevertheless, it is important to note that despite being divided, the soap can still effectively serve its purpose. Conversely, when it comes to Salt bars, it is best to avoid cutting them as they tend to crumble when divided.