Coconut Milk + Oatmeal + Calendula Soap with Shea Nilotica Butter

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Gentle facial + body bar for soothing + moisturizing sensitive or dry skin.

Indulge your skin with our unscented Coconut Milk + Oatmeal + Calendula Soap with Shea Nilotica Butter! This soap features a balanced mix of beneficial ingredients that effectively address the needs of sensitive and dry skin; oatmeal easing irritation, coconut milk restoring tone, and calendula oil providing relief. Shea Nilotica Butter further guarantees optimal hydration and smoothness.  Formulated without essential oils for increased gentleness, while calendula and coconut milk provide a pleasant, soothing aroma. This bar is a favorite among those with very sensitive or very dry skin and perfect for gifting. This bar of tender luxury will have you loving the skin you're in. 

10oz | This bar of soap is gentle and mild.


- Ideal for dry, sensitive skin + eczema + psoriasis.
- Experience a pampering, luxurious cleanse with its rich, creamy lather.
- This non-drying cleanser is suitable for use on the facial and body area.
- Fragrance-free for sensitive noses.
- Bigger than usual handcrafted soap


For optimal cleansing, lather the bar with water to cleanse the face, hands, and body.

For improved skin tone and circulation, use a Salux® Skin Cloth to yield a creamy, bubbly effect while also providing a longer-lasting bar, more sanitary solution with no mildew odors.


coconut milk, saponified coconut*, sustainable palm*, olive (infused with calendula flowers*), castor oil; shea nilotica butter*, cocoa butter*, colloidal oatmeal, sorbitol (sugar), vegetable glycerin, sunflower lecithin (non- GMO) *, cationic guar, sodium citrate, rosemary extract.


Perfectly shaped for a long-lasting bar and can be easily held in hands for used with or without wash cloth. Due to the handmade nature of my soap, variations of size, color, and weight may occur.

To ensure the optimal longevity of your bar, avoid leaving it in standing water, near a water source, or in a dish which allows water to accumulate.

This soap should be used with caution and contact with eyes should be avoided. Discontinue usage if skin irritation develops. Individuals with allergies should thoroughly review the ingredient list, as some components may cause a negative reaction in areas of skin.

Coconut Milk + Oatmeal + Calendula Soap with Shea Nilotica Butter