Collection: Scrubs

Dead skin cells accumulate on the outer layer of the epidermis, causing diminished radiance and a rough texture. Exfoliating this top layer can help simulate the natural shedding process for brighter, smoother-looking skin. Additionally, exfoliating enables products to better penetrate the skin and boosts collagen production.


Can I add a small amount of water to my scrub?

If you're tempted to add water to your sugar scrub, think twice! Keep in mind that sugar scrubs are often used in the shower, and sometimes users dip their wet hands into the jar. However, introducing water to the scrub can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To maintain the quality of your sugar scrub, it's best to avoid adding any water.

Will this scrub harden during the cooler months?

Our emulsified sugar scrubs are designed to stay soft and smooth throughout the year. Unlike some scrubs that contain coconut oil or butters, which can harden in cold weather, our scrubs use only liquid oils that do not solidify. You may notice a slight difference in the consistency of our scrubs between winter and summer, but this will not affect their performance or quality.

Will this scrub dry my skin out?

When it comes to our sugar scrubs, rest assured that we have left out any trace of silica and polysorbate - those common ingredients found in other products. Silica, known to cause skin irritation and dryness, is entirely absent from our luxurious formula. Additionally, we have made sure to exclude polysorbate, as it can trigger allergic reactions and inflammation. Instead, we have carefully curated a selection of gentle and skin-friendly ingredients that will provide a delightful exfoliating and moisturizing experience for your skin. The result? A lusciously soft and silky complexion.