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ORGANIC CACAO Aloe Juice + Sugar Bar Soap 9.5 oz

$ 10.00

An excessive use of any type of detergent, shower gel, or handmade soap can undesirably deplete the protective lipid layer that coats your skin, resulting in dryness and tightness.

This bar soap features a combination of luxurious butters and oils that work to restore and hydrate the skin, creating a fluffy, creamy lather and a soft, silky feel. Its Sunflower lecithin and vegetable glycerin help to preserve the skin's natural moisture level, shielding it from dehydration. This soap combination may lessen the severity of eczema and psoriasis, resulting in softer, less itchy, dry skin with improved hydration and suppleness.

This bar boasts an inviting fragrance developed from a blend of woody notes and slight sweetness, complemented by subtle spice and cedarwood accents, along with undertones of vanilla, coconut, and jasmine petals.

Due to its handmade production, my soap may be subject to slight variations in size, color, and weight in each bar. Each bar is carefully shaped to maximize longevity and facilitate ease of handheld use with or without a wash cloth. 

For a creamy, bubbly effect, improved skin tone and circulation I recommend lathering with a Salux® Skin Cloth. Salux Skin cloth help Soap bar last longer and more sanitary than a washcloth. Plus, no mildew odors.

Skin Type | All

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil**, Olive Oil, Castor Oil*, Shea Butter*, and Cocoa Butter*, Distilled Water, Fragrance Oil***, Vegetable Glycerin, Sorbitol (Sugar), Sodium Citrate, Cationic Guar, Sunflower Lecithin, Kaolin Clay, Rosemary Extract.   *=Certified Organic Ingredients, **= RSPO Certified Sustainable, ***=Paraben, Phthalate, and Sulfate-Free

Soap Care:  To ensure the optimal longevity of your bar, avoid leaving it in standing water, near a water source, or in a dish which allows water to accumulate.

Precautions: As with any soap, keep it out of your eyes (rinse thoroughly with plain water if this occurs), and discontinue using if irritation develops. Be sure to check the ingredients if you have allergies. Be aware that some soaps have ingredients that may irritate certain types of skin.  

ORGANIC CACAO Aloe Juice + Sugar Bar Soap 9.5 oz

$ 10.00